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Syngenta® Claim Information

Our firms contain attorneys who actively farm corn and with farming pasts who bring claims on behalf of any US corn farmer related to the premature promotion of the unapproved genetically modified seed corn Viptera by Syngenta®. Syngenta® began selling and profiting from Viptera before securing approval from China for this new strain. Because Syngenta's® practices caused China to close their markets to US corn imports due to traces of Viptera, the demand for US Corn has been drastically decreased. This may have resulted in significant financial loss for all corn farms across the entire U.S. in the form of significantly depressed US Corn prices.

Justin Demerath is a fourth generation corn farmer, and a second generation lawyer, he is proudly working with his father, Larry Demerath, who is also a Nebraska attorney and a third generation Nebraska corn farmer. Our firms are accustomed to addressing the issues associated with producers and land owners, and are uniquely situated to assert these claims on behalf of farmers across the country. If you or someone you know has suffered losses due to declining corn prices we would be happy to offer a free, no obligation consultation.

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Let us help you seek to recover the market losses that may have been caused by Syngenta's® practices.

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